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Sunday, April 27, 2008


I have started my big shopping session for the wood and other bits and pieces for the two instruments. The cittern (10 strings) will have a spruce front and maple back and sides, with maple linings and some purfling. The neck will be laminated maple, and the fretboard and peg head veneer will be ebony. The octave mandola will also have a spruce front, but with a walnut back and sides. The neck will be laminated walnut, and the fretboard and peghead will be maple (a bit unusual, I hope). I intend to sell one of these instruments (I don't think I mind which one) and reckon on asking about £500. I'd better make sure that they're top quality!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Why no progress???

Well, I'm waiting until I have enough cash to buy the wood, that's why. Anyway, I have, in the meantime made a new thickness gauge. I have also set upon the idea of making one of the two octave mandolas with five courses of strings, rather than four. The top course will be tuned to 'B', and I have calculated new string spacings, and tensions (I found a handy programme at I have got a feeling that this will make the instrument a cittern!