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Thursday, December 30, 2010


This is the gittern soundboard being glued up. I made the adjustable base-board to save hammering pins into any old bit of wood I find around the workshop - I'm pleased with it. I was less pleased when I carelessly snapped the newly glued soundboard when I was planing it to thickness. Luckily, it snaped right down the middle, and I was able to re-joint it. Take more care..!

I have planned the bracings and rosette and made a start on them - more in the next post.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Neck Joint

I cut the neck joint today. I'm working out the details as I go, and I decided to move the nut position to make it easier to play notes at the first fret. Once I have drilled the holes for the pegs (eight of them) I will glue the pegbox on with araldite.

I've also been thinking a bit more about upcoming is the current list:

Finish the Gittern
Finish the Cittern
Bowlback Mandolin
Parlour Guitar (for daughter)
Tenor banjo with wooden soundboard
Cherry Mandolin
Electric Micro mandolin

...but I sure that this will change !