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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Into the new year

Although I haven't updated this diary in a while, I have been making some progress with the Les Paul. Many of the methods are new to me, which makes it more exciting! I fitted the truss rod (a hotrod), and two carbon fibre reinforcing rods to the neck and finished the rough shaping. I made a peghead veneer from an off cut from a macassar ebony fretboard, but decided re-saw and bookmatch it (quite a challenge). I'm happy with the results though, and this is now fitted and the bindings are glued in (currently held in by all those rubber bands). I have marked out the fretboard and made a start on the inlays (XXI to mark the birthday, and my snail logo to signify slow progress). These will be inlayed into the peghead next, as the design below: