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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Starting to look like an instrument

I love this moment. I cut out the slots in the neck to accept the ribs and, for the first time I could see the shape and size that the instrument will have when its finished. After a few moments imagining the completed octave mandola, I glued it with araldite and left it to set.

I have also ordered the wood for the back of the cittern - once it arrives I'll have everything I need to finish both the Octave Mandola and the Cittern.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Two Necks

I've been busy over the Easter weekend and have made progress on the necks of the 'octave' and the cittern. I have made and fitted the ebony peghead veneer - the Macassar ebony is lovely to work with and the grain is more interesting that the plain black ebony. On the cittern neck (sycamore) I have put in the centre stripe of three layers of veneer and marked up to start fitting the trussrod. I have also been shopping and bought the tuners and fretwire from Stew Mac in the USA.