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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First belly glued up

I have now glued up the two pieces of yellow cedar to make the first belly. I have just been in to the garage to take a photo and it has bowed rather alarmingly. I think that it may be something to do with the leather mat I left it on (the remains of our old leather sofa). Fortunately, the bow is the same way as the wood will be bent to make the belly and the joint is completely sound. The wood 'rings' quite nicely when I knock it. The yellow cedar seems more pliable than the spruce, and I wonder if this contributes to the 'mellow' tone that it is supposed to impart.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The bellies begin

Much excitement as my box of wood arrived from Alsaka. The company, Alaska Speciality Woods kindly included a magazine about Prince of Wales Island, where they are based - it looks very beautiful. Fishing appears to be the main pastime! I have given both sets of soundboards a tidy up with a plane.

The first picture is the yellow cedar - destined for the mandola. It has a strong scent which is particlarly noticable whent its being planed. I quite like it, but my daughter reckons it smells horrible.

The other picture is the sitka spruce for the cittern. The 'bearclaw' figure is quite light, but pretty nevertheless.

The next job is to 'shoot' the boards (plane them square for joining).

Saturday, May 03, 2008

My Stuff

My veneers arrived from Anita Marquetry (these will make the stripes down the neck), but I didn't have any luck at Craft Supplies - they don't seem to have anything in stock!
I have now ordered the tops from Alaska. One Sitka spruce (for the cittern) and one yellow cedar (for the mandola).