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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Wood

Both instruments lurched forward a bit. The cittern belly got a set of braces (shown not quite finished here). When I have tidied up the two little braces I will be setting this one aside for a while.

I prepared the tailblock for the octave mandola from some of the alaskan spruce, and glued the walnut ribs to it. I am pretty happy with the joint. I also 'bent' a set of linings from some willow I had in stock (shown in the foreground of the photo). I will probably use these for the backs of both instruments, and make some spruce ones for the bellies. Or then again, I might use stick with just the willow.

Finally, I received a shipment of walnut from Paul at Goulden Hardwoods who was really helpful. I will be using one bit to make the neck of the Octave Mandola, and the other bits may well find there way into future mandolins...

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