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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bowlback - rib number two

I have now started on the ribs for the bowlback.

After bending the middle one to shape (dry) on the iron, I glued down the tip and the tail, and when the glue was set I shaped it with a chisel and then a file.

The next day I prepared a 'stringer' by bending a strip of sycamore veneer, and then bent the second rib to shape. After a bit of shaping (again with a chisel and a file) of one side of the second rib, this could be fitted in a fairly snug way to the first one with hand pressure. The stringer and the second rib were then glued into place (and at the tip and tail) and held in place with some carpet tacks and a rubber lugage 'bungee' while the glue set.

The next step will be to fit the third rib (on the opposite side to number two), and then to shape the outer edges of these ready for ribs four and five.

There are seventeen ribs in all, and two wider pieces at the top, as well as an end 'cap' and decorative side pieces. This will therefore take ages !

A few observations - First, I am using titebond glue, but I wonder if hide glue would be better. Secondly it's going to take a lot of practice to get any good at this and; Thirdly, I notice from the photos that I am a really untidy worker!

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