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Sunday, February 09, 2014


I finished the nut,  polished up the pegs with wax and fitted the tied frets. I then tied on the strings and started to tension them. All was well for a while (most of the strings a tone or so below their final pitch), and the tone sounded quite nice. Then there was a creaking sound, followed by a 'bang', and off came the bridge - the hide glue joint had failed!

There is no damage to the belly, so it should be a straightforward job to clean up and glue it back on, but I think I and going to go with a more forgiving adhesive. Probably Araldite (but don't tell anyone!).

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Peter Brown said...

I feel for you Richard! Although I'm trying to use hide glue wherever possible lately, I don't trust myself to have the bridge clamped in place quickly enough, and I'll probably stay with Titebond for this task. I hope you can resurrect things!