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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The belly's on

The belly went on without any fuss, and I have now trimmed the overhang ready to start on the binding. I decided to use some of my new holly for this, so I have cut some thin strips on the bandsaw and used the drum sander to reduce then to 1.5mm thick (veneer, really).


Peter Brown said...

Richard, in the interests of authenticity I thought you might take the plunge and use hide glue for this job. I don't blame you for "sticking" with Titebond though - I know I would have!

richard h said...


my courage failed me! I did make some up, but I don't think I have got it right yet - it was really thin and watery. However, I am determined to use hide glue for the fretboard - wish me luck.

Peter Brown said...

Good luck!