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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Exciting wood

I always love getting hold of new bits of wood. I have just picked up some new pieces from Paul at Goulden Hardwoods. I've been planning my next instrument, and top of the list is a lute. I am going to have a go with yew ribs, and sycamore neck. Also in the selection is some lime to make the mould (the sycamore I used in the mandolin mould was a bit hard). The holly will be for inlays (it has a really nice figure against the pale background) and the walnut at the front is for the ribs of the next bowlback mandolin. Finally, the really big bit of walnut in the back looks like it might offer up a guitar back and sides or two (so it will be sitting in my workshop for some time yet!).

Meanwhile, I have glued the belly onto the bowlback mandolin. In the end I used titebond, and used plastic insulating tape to hold the belly in place while the glue sets.

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