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Monday, May 07, 2012

Cittern tailpiece

The cittern has been progressing slowly in the background while I've been concentrating my energy on the more exciting bowlback mandolin. The cittern is nearly done, but still needs a tailpiece. I searched the internet for something suitable, and the only option seemed to be the Allen Guitars one. By the time I added postage and the dreaded customs charge, I was looking at well over one hundred pounds! I'm quite pleased with the citttern, but -  one hundred quid? No way. So, I decided to make my own from some 1.5mm sheet brass. I am now looking into plating it with nickel - if the quote from a commercial plater is too high, I will have a go with one of the kits that are available online (e.g. the one from Gateros).

1 comment:

Peter Brown said...

Richard, I had the same reaction when I priced the Allen mandolin tailpieces. I like fellow blogger Gary Nava's alternative tailpiece.