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Sunday, May 06, 2012


This weekend I have added the 'ironmongery', made and fitted a nut, and fitted the bridge. This is a first fitting, and there are still a couple of minor tweaks to fix. The first is a buzz on one fret (and only on the G strings) - the rest of the frets play cleanly, right up the fretboard. The other possible problem is the bridge. The shaping of the bone cap on the top makes the bridge tilt forward a fraction - it doesn't seem to buzz or affect the sound, but I might make a new one with a slightly wider base which will sit completely flat on the belly.

I'm very pleased with the sound. It is a bit quieter than a flatback mandolin, but with a more interesting tone, and good sustain. Even before I make any final adjustment to the bridge, the action has ended up fairly low.

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