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Monday, October 29, 2012

Mandocello begins

I have finally started the mandocello. I have not tried anything on this scale up to now, and I'm also working more or less from my imagination! In the photo is the start of the mould/form. This is 12mm plywood, and I will be filling the 'spaces' with lime wood (lime is quite soft and easy to shape). This instrument will have a scale length of 680mm (a bit longer than the 'Gibson') which I hope will make the bottom 'C' string play better.

I am also planning to use carbon fiber as neck reinforcement, and also laminated into the belly bracing (a bit radical, this one - any comments welcome!).

Meanwhile, the fifth rib of the lute went on much more smoothly than the fourth one. I think it was a case of taking a bit more care!

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