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Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Mystery Instrument

I've had some interest in my Cittern, so I tuned it up to pitch to check it over. The bottom course was a bit 'growly', and I have found that the action is a little too low, so I have made a start on fixing this by adjusting the bridge feet a bit. Everything else seems in good order so I just need to find a good way to ship it safely, and to confirm that the potential new owner is willing to go ahead.

All the bars on the lute are now glued in place and I have made a start at trimming them to exact length. On the lute they play an important role in the structure of the whole instrument (which doesn't have any lining) as well as the tone, so this has got to be accurate.

Finally, I have started work on a mystery instrument. I can't reveal what it is because it will be a present for someone, but so far I have prepared some cherry wood for the back and sides, and made the belly. Here is a photo of pieces for the rosette inlay in preparation on a template I turned on my lathe.

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